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MSI Prestige Price in Nepal

The MSI Prestige series of laptops was first introduced around 2015. These laptops are specifically designed for professionals and content creators who require powerful hardware for demanding tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and 3D rendering.

The price of MSI Prestige laptop starts from NPR 165,000 to NPR 248,000 in Nepal.

What are the Different Lineups of MSI Prestige Laptops Available?

Here are the main series within the MSI Prestige lineup:

  1. MSI Prestige 14/15: These are compact and powerful laptops suitable for professionals and content creators who need mobility and performance.
  2. MSI Prestige 14/15 Evo: These models offer premium performance and efficiency, part of Intel's Evo platform, ideal for demanding tasks while prioritizing battery life.
  3. MSI Prestige 14 Carbon: Lightweight and durable laptops featuring carbon fiber materials, perfect for those who prioritize portability.
  4. MSI Prestige 14/15 A11SCX: These models come with Intel's latest 11th generation processors and NVIDIA GeForce graphics, offering improved performance and efficiency.
  5. MSI Prestige 14/15 A10SC: Featuring Intel's 10th generation processors and NVIDIA GeForce graphics, these laptops still provide excellent performance for professionals and content creators.

Which Series of MSI Prestige is most Preferred for Gaming?

Among the MSI Prestige series, the models that are most preferred for gaming would typically be those with dedicated graphics cards and higher-end processors. In this context, the MSI Prestige 14/15 A11SCX and MSI Prestige 14/15 A10SC series would be more suitable for gaming compared to the Evo or Carbon versions. These models come with dedicated NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, which are essential for gaming performance, along with powerful processors to handle gaming tasks effectively.