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MSI Bravo Price in Nepal

MSI launched the Bravo series, targeting budget-conscious gamers and content creators. In Nepal, these laptops are priced between NPR 128,000 to NPR 145,000, offering solid performance at an affordable price range.

Is Msi Bravo Laptop Good for Coding?

Yes, MSI Bravo laptops can be good for coding, especially for those on a budget. They generally offer decent performance with modern Intel Core i7 or AMD Ryzen 7 processors, sufficient 16GB of RAM RAM, and good storage options of 512GB or higher, which are important for coding tasks. 

Does MSI Bravo 15 overheat?

While the MSI Bravo 15 may overheat, especially during extended gaming sessions or severe workloads, this is usual with gaming laptops. However, the Bravo 15 gaming laptop comes with a cooling system that is specifically designed to handle heat efficiently, which helps to avoid any overheating difficulties.