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What is the Price of Dell laptop in Nepal in 2024?

The current prices of Dell gaming laptops in Nepal range from 85,000 NPR for entry-level models to 280,000 NPR for high-end laptops.

What are the Various Dell Gaming Laptops Series?

Dell caters to gamers of all levels with a range of powerful and feature-rich laptops. First, let's explore what each laptop model offers:

  • Dell Alienware: Premium-quality gaming laptops featuring overclockable processors, high-resolution displays, and Alienware Command Center software for fine-tuning gaming settings and monitoring performance.
  • Dell G-Series: Designed for mainstream gamers, these laptops feature powerful processors, dedicated graphics, and solid hardware configurations capable of handling popular games.
  • Dell Inspiron Series: Budget-friendly gaming laptops with mid-range processors, customizable keyboard backlighting, and decent display quality suitable for casual gaming.
  • Dell XPS Series: Stylish and portable gaming laptops, including the XPS 15 and XPS 17, offering high-resolution displays, powerful processors, and graphics options for smooth gameplay.

Which Dell gaming Laptop Series is Best?

Here's a quick decision chart to summarize:

Feature Alienware XPS G Series Inspiron
Performance Best

Overclockable processors, high-end NVIDIA RTX GPUs


Powerful processors (latest Intel or AMD), High-end NVIDIA GTX or RTX GPUs


Powerful processors, Mid-range NVIDIA GTX GPUs


Mid-range processors, Integrated graphics or entry-level NVIDIA GTX GPUs

Price Most Expensive Expensive Moderate Most Affordable
Portability Least Portable More Portable Portable Portable
Style Stylish Most Stylish Stylish Standard